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20 January 2016 @ 08:31 pm
Friends only

This journal is friends only.If you want to be added or have to say something,please comment here!
Don't be afraid to ask.I'm always happy getting new friends and I will add you back if we have enough in common (we should have at least 3 currently airing shows in common! I also would prefer to have only friends over 18. If you are younger and we have a lot in common,then you can still try it though ^^) :) And please leave a note here and don't just add me. I want to know if we know each other,if you saw some of my fanart in a community etc. I think it's not too much to ask to leave a little comment. Without a comment, I won't add you back!!!

If you want to read more about me,then take a look at my profile. You will find everything that you should know about me and my journal ^^ Or see this entry for an overview about the shows I watch(ed),my favorite characters and the pairings I ship

Currently: adding / selectively adding / not adding

Biggest obsessions at the moment:

Shows: Daredevil, Jane The Virgin, The Flash, Arrow, The 100
Pairings: Beckett/Castle (Castle), Octavia/Lincoln (The 100), Felicity/Oliver (Arrow) Claire/Matt (Daredevil)
People: Stana Katic, Ricky Whittle, Marie Avgeropoulos, Charlie Cox

All-time favorites:

Shows: Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Lights, Farscape, Castle, Spartacus
Pairings: Aeryn/John (Farscape), Beckett/Castle (Castle), Nasir/Agron (Spartacus), Derek/Stiles (Teen Wolf)
People: Katee Sackhoff, Stana Katic, Tyler Hoechlin, Dan Feurriegel

This entry is kinda under construction as I plan to write a bit more about me,my fandoms,adding/defriending etc.
For now just a few things:Collapse )

If you are only interested in my graphics then please don't add me but go to my graphics community cracks_in_time

All comments are screened!
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16 January 2016 @ 11:09 pm
Sticky: my fandoms,favorite characters and ships
This is the only public post and should give a little overview for all the shows I
watch(ed)/my fandoms and my favorite characters and ships there. I try to update it every time I get a new show etc. (Note: bold = shows,characters and ships that mean most to me,strikethrough = I stopped watching at some point and haven't watched all episodes,italic = not up to date but I plan on catching up or finish the show sooner or later)
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13 January 2016 @ 12:32 am
Scrapbook 2015

All the good stuffCollapse )

Last Update: 05/01/2015

Think about the year that has passed. All the memories, the entries and posts that made the year special. Think about all your past layouts, default icons, mood themes. How about all those conversations you had via comments, or the huge post in ONTD that you spent all night commenting on. The 2015 Scrapbook Post is a way to help you remember all of that, in a single post.

|Scrapbook 2014 (locked now)|
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12 January 2016 @ 12:39 am
700 episodes/70 books/50 movies in one year challenge (2015)
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70 booksCollapse )

50 moviesCollapse )
20 October 2014 @ 10:59 pm
Friends cut
I just did a small friends cut. I removed people who either haven't updated in ages/have abandoned LJ or others where I felt like we grew apart and didn't have enough in common anymore.
I wish you all the best!

To check if you have been cut (and if you don't get notifications),try if you can access THIS locked entry